Paramount+ Subscription Prices Set to Rise for Most Customers Beginning in August

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Paramount Global is gearing up to boost its streaming revenues by raising prices on several Paramount+ subscription plans later this summer.

Starting August 20, new subscribers signing up for Paramount+ With Showtime, the ad-free plan, will see a $1 increase to $12.99 per month. Simultaneously, new users opting for Paramount+ Essential, which includes ads, will experience a $2 hike, bringing the monthly cost to $7.99. These adjustments are part of Paramount’s strategy to bolster profitability in its streaming segment.

For existing customers, the changes will roll out gradually. Subscribers to Paramount+ With Showtime will transition to the new rate with their next billing cycle on or after September 20. Current monthly subscribers of Paramount+ Essential will maintain their subscription at the current rate of $5.99 per month. Annual subscription rates for both tiers—$119.99 for Paramount+ With Showtime and $59.99 for Paramount+ Essential—will remain unchanged, ensuring consistency for annual plan holders.

Furthermore, customers currently on the legacy Paramount+ Limited Commercial plan will see their monthly fee increase by $1 to $7.99.

The pricing adjustments reflect Paramount Global’s efforts to align its streaming offerings with market demands and profitability goals. By incrementally adjusting prices, the company aims to enhance its financial outlook while continuing to invest in content and user experience.

Paramount+ has emerged as a significant player in the competitive streaming landscape, leveraging its library of content from Paramount Pictures, CBS, and Showtime. The platform has expanded its original programming slate and sports offerings to attract and retain subscribers in a crowded market dominated by players like Netflix, Disney+, and HBO Max.

Many online have not been too happy with the recent hike across all of the streaming platforms as of late, with many claiming that corporate greed is taking place.


The decision to raise prices comes amid ongoing investments in content production and platform development. Paramount Global has committed to increasing its original programming budget, aiming to diversify its content portfolio to appeal to a broader audience.

While price hikes can sometimes lead to subscriber attrition, Paramount Global remains optimistic about the value proposition offered by Paramount+. The service includes a broad range of content genres, exclusive originals, live sports, and access to theatrical releases shortly after their cinematic debut—a strategy aimed at distinguishing it from competitors.

As the streaming landscape continues to evolve, pricing strategies play a crucial role in balancing revenue growth with customer retention. Paramount Global’s pricing adjustments are positioned to support its long-term objectives in the highly competitive streaming market.

Paramount Global’s upcoming price increases for Paramount+ reflect its strategic approach to enhancing profitability and sustaining growth in its streaming business. By modifying subscription costs while maintaining value for subscribers, the company aims to strengthen its position in an increasingly dynamic and competitive digital entertainment environment.

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