Pedro Pascal’s MTV Movie & TV Awards Wins Have Fans Making Emmy Predictions

By Madison E. Goldberg
(Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic)
This isn't the last we've see of Pedro Pascal winning big.

This year’s MTV Movie & TV Awards were a bit different. The live broadcast was cancelled after host Drew Barrymore decided to step down in support of the ongoing WGA Writer’s Strike. Hence, MTV got creative. Barrymore reprised her iconic role as Josie Gellar in “Never Been Kissed” and dropped into scenes from the several nominated television shows and movies. From “The White Lotus” to “Wednesday”, Josie saw it all.

After a creative and strike-friendly awards show intro, actors accepted their awards remotely, delivering virtually streamed acceptance speeches. Each speech honored the writers currently striking for fairer wages and better protections against AI technology replacing employees.  The actors who won their respective awards each acknowledged the strike in their acceptance speeches.

Several of the night’s biggest wins have fans of the actors buzzing about Emmy nominations. Notably, Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey won Best Duo for their roles as Joel Miller and Ellie Williams in HBO’s “The Last of Us”, and the show won Best Show. Additionally, Pascal took home the award for Best Hero for his role in the acclaimed apocalyptic drama. In a sincere speech, the actor acknowledged MTV’s influential role in his choice to pursue acting as a teenager.


“The Last of Us” took home several wins for its multiple nominations, as did “Wednesday” and “The White Lotus.” Notably, the wins are creating buzz surrounding Pascal’s performance.

Why Pedro Pascal is generating Emmy buzz

The Emmy Awards announce nominations on July 12, with voting taking place between June 15 and 26. Pascal famously worked as an actor for decades before landing a spot on “Game of Thrones” that catapulted his career to new heights. His performance as a post-apocalyptic grieving father in the video game-to-television adaptation of “The Last Of Us” tugged at the heartstrings of the nation every Sunday this winter. The show garnered Pascal a massive fan base.

Pedro Pascal’s off-screen personality is what has fans of “The Last Of Us” rooting for more wins. Pascal is notably a staunch ally to the LGBTQ+ community, and has spoken out on his own experience with anxiety. His transparency and allyship have built a vast and diverse audience for his body of work.

In addition to his emotionally moving performance in the hit HBO show, critics are suspecting the actor may snag a nomination for his episode of “Saturday Night Live”. The actor appeared on the program in a variety of skits, from a messy family dinner to a bad case of amnesia.

Emmy nominations are to be announced. Pascal’s most recent project, “Strange Way of Life”,  will debut at Cannes. The film was directed by the acclaimed Pedro Almodóvar, and Pascal will star alongside Ethan Hawke.