People on TikTok are Infuriated After this Creator Dyed Her Dog’s Fur

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Image: @Isabeastly | TikTok

Currently, on TikTok, a video is making its rounds and infuriating many after this creator revealed she tried to dye her dog’s fur red after seeing a video on TikTok. The hair dye, however, stained everything around it in the bathroom a deep shade of red, as the creator, Isa, pleas for help on how to clean it up since she is worried her landlord will not give her the deposit back. Her concern for her deposit is not shared with viewers, however, who are more concerned for her dog.


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The video, which now has over 620 thousand views and almost 800 comments, but not in Isa’s corner. Many expressed concern for the dog, asking if it was even safe for the dog to be dyed.

Image: @Isabeastly | TikTok


Others tried to give helpful advice, though not many people knew where to start, suggesting using baking soda with dish soap or attempting to repaint it. One person commented that the dog was now “Clifford the small red dog” instead of the “big red dog.” So, though there was some humor or advice to help this creator, many were still upset and concerned for the dog. In a follow up video, showing the same dog who was less red and more ginger, more people were less concerned and seemed to think that the dyeing came out good, although there was no update on the bathroom.


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Though there are dog-safe dye options, it seems this was not confirmed if the creator had used these, as she did not confirm it within the comments. Dyeing your animal’s fur can be perfectly safe if you use appropriate tools, but dying them with the same things humans use can give them chemical burns or affect their health negatively.


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