Pit Bike Modification101: Here’s What To Know

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If you want to take your pit bike to the next level, you will start to wonder about modifications. Many people worry about where to start and what happens if something goes wrong. But rest assured, modifying your bike does not have to be a difficult task. 

With the right information, modifying your bike can be exciting and rewarding. We have shared important tips for a great pit bike modification. Take a look. 

Fit A New Carburetor

If you want to give your bike some extra power, you will want to fit a new carburettor. You can pick up a decent carb fairly cheaply (for around $80-100). You will probably want to install a free flow air filter for an even greater boost in power. This will derestrict the airflow and give you extra horsepower.

Advance The Timing

Another trick that some people use is to advance the timing. Basically, after the fuel is ignited, some time elapses before the expanding gases push the piston down. Advancing the timing causes the fuel mixture to ignite sooner, giving you a power boost. 

Looks Do Matter 

Of course, for the serious enthusiast, it is enough to get the bike performing at the top of its capabilities. However, for some people, looks are important too. 

In recent years, these bikes have become flashier, with people installing motorbike decals on their machines. These stickers can be found in numerous places and can be ordered online from many websites. 

Attaching The Graphics

Before attaching your graphics, you need to ensure that the area you are installing them is clean and free from any major scratches. If you are replacing existing stickers, you will need to remove these first, which can be done easily using a hairdryer. 


Once you have removed the existing stickers and cleaned the surface, you will need your hair dryer again to warm up the plastic that you will be applying the graphics to. Apply your sticker a little at a time, making sure that no bubbles form as you lay it down. 

If there are any bubbles that you can’t squeeze out, simply prick them with a needle to let the air out and flatten them down.

Replace The Sprockets

Replacing pit bike sprockets can be a slightly tricky process. As a beginner, it is always good to get a professional mechanic to perform this job. 

However, if you have the time and the motivation, you can do it yourself. Some important things to keep in mind when replacing your bike’s sprockets are the size of the new sprockets and the chain pitch, which needs to match your chain. 

The sprocket size is the driving force, and you have to make sure that its diameter is the same size as your old sprocket. The chain pitch is the distance between rivets that the chain passes through. As a good rule of thumb, the chain pitch should be equal to or smaller than the rivet size.

Add Hand Bars

Handguards are a great way to keep your hands protected from flying debris while riding. Make sure you select the ones with a tough outer shell, thick padding, and a lightweight frame. 


Modifying your pit bike with hand bars will give you peace of mind while riding. 

Other Important Modifications

Other popular modifications include:

  • Porting the manifold.
  • Removing the spark arrester screen.
  • Increasing the compression ratio.
  • Removal of the choke.
  • Opening up the air intake and removal of the flywheel cover.

Final Word

As you can see, a lot can be done to your pit bike to modify its look and performance. If you are not sure of what you are doing, it is worthwhile finding someone in the know to help you. Moreover, don’t forget to ride with important protective gear like motocross helmets. Modifying your bike doesn’t mean you can do away with the protective gear.  You may also be interested in these road legal quads for sale.

Remember, these modifications are irreversible and can cost you a lot of money and grief if done wrong.

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