Fans Show YouTube Star Taylor Caniff Support After Homophobic Video Was Released

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    YouTuber Taylor Caniff and Justin Beiber have more in common than just fluffy hair and a baby face.

    Both had offensive old videos creep up on them.

    This two-year-old video shows Caniff spewing his opinion of same-sex relationships. “I don’t have nothin’ against you guys,” Caniff said. “But it’s just disgusting.”

    Apparently 15-year-olds should just keep their opinions to themselves, as a video was recently released of J. Beibs at the same age saying the n-word.

    Beiber apologized and people seemed to move on pretty quickly.

    Caniff also has an army behind him. Thousands of fans showed support to the YouTube star and got #WeLoveYouTaylor trending on Twitter. Many included personal videos, photos, or stories about how great and loving Caniff is.

    Check out the insensitive video above.

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    @MGConfessionss is just one of many Twitter fans trying to prove Caniff’s innocence. The adorable-annoying-little-brother-youtuber admitted to the mistake, but in a “give me a break” kind of way.

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    Maybe Taylor can take a page from Justin and give a real apology.