BLAH Airlines Looks Like Every Airline. Yes, Even Virgin.

  • Want to experience the painful monotony of flying from Newark to San Francisco without having to actually do it? Don’t worry, Virgin America has you covered with their new ad campaign for “BLAH Airlines.”

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    The video is a six-hour long real-time recreation of a cross-country flight, with mannequins in place of humans. It’s not just dead silence, though. That familiar humming is there, along with announcements and annoying conversations from other passengers that sound not unlike talk radio in a game of Grand Theft Auto.

    The campaign was conceived and executed by ad agency Eleven Inc. They even made a humdrum website you can visit.

    Of course, it’s important to remember that all flying is like this. Yes, even Virgin America. Sure, they’ve got some purple lights and TVs in the back of the seats, but that hardly matters when the veins in your legs forget how to transfer blood and you’ve still got five hours to go.