VIDEO: Will Ferrell and Joel McHale Visit the Hammer Museum

  • When you bring in two comedians — specifically Will Ferrell and Joel McHale — to make fun of a museum, you expect them to rip a hole in the pretentiousness of the entire affair. You expect them to walk up and down the halls willy nilly, throwing up their hands and saying “pshaw” at the ways of things! What you don’t expect so much maybe is — stunned silence? That’s what happened when Will Ferrell and Joel McHale entered the Hammer Museum’s “Stories of Almost Everyone” exhibition — an exhibition made up of odd small objects, placed in a unique context.

    Witness the legendary comedians marvel at a pillow which was only slept on by acrobats, gaze in delight as Joel McHale and Will Ferrell talk about mailing a bunch of oysters to the Hammer Museum in the exhibit that is just a bunch of thrown out male, and witness the piano that only slams its top and doesn’t play a thing. If ever an exhibit was appropriate for two comedians to poke and prod at, it’s definitely this strange, post-modern thing.

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