VIDEO: Japanese Gum Ad Doubles as Erotic Soap Opera


  • When watching television I have often two questions — will this woman succumb to the erotic and vaguely phallic charms of the Long Long Man and his gum chewing abilities, and if I ever visit Japan, which gum would be the best for me? Luckily, this ad (which doubles as an erotic web series of cheating, deception, and very long novelty gum) covers all of that and more. The gum in question — Sakeru Gum — is advertised in a series of interlocking ads showing a woman with a perfectly sweet boyfriend who continues to be charmed by the more mysterious charms of the delivery boy known only as the “Long Long Man.”

    The whole thing is pretty dirty, with the Long Long Man’s Sakeru Gum being a metaphor for his probably equally gum like dick (see, I knew that film degree would come in handy). The entire thing has more twists and turns than a chewed up piece of Sakeru Gum.

    Step up your game, American gum! This has now become an art form, and you are clearly falling behind.

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