Prime Video’s ‘My Lady Jane’ Rewrites History with Humor, Romance, and Adventure

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Set to debut globally on Prime Video on June 27th, “My Lady Jane” upends the traditional narrative surrounding Lady Jane Grey, presenting an alternate history where pivotal events take unexpected turns.

In this reimagining, King Henry VIII’s son Edward does not fall to tuberculosis, Lady Jane Grey avoids execution, and her husband Guildford Dudley remains unharmed. At the heart of the series is Jane herself, the resilient and spirited figure thrust into queenship overnight, navigating threats against both her crown and her life. “My Lady Jane” promises viewers an epic saga of romance, adventure, and empowerment, where the heroine not only saves herself and her true love but also the kingdom itself.

The series features rising star Emily Bader in the titular role, alongside a talented ensemble cast including Edward Bluemel, Jordan Peters, Michael Workeye, Abbie Hern, and Máiréad Tyers. Comedic veterans Rob Brydon, Anna Chancellor, and Dominic Cooper also round out the cast. Co-showrunners Gemma Burgess and Meredith Glynn anchor the series, supported by an executive production team including Laurie MacDonald, Sarah Bradshaw, and Jamie Babbit, who directs five of the eight episodes.

In an interview with TV Insider, Emily Bader reflected on the significance of portraying Lady Jane Grey in this fresh narrative light. “Lady Jane is one of history’s most tragic figures,” Bader remarked. “Through ‘My Lady Jane,’ we’re offering her a chance to rewrite her story and forge a different path.” Drawing from the novel co-authored by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, and Jodi Meadows, the series takes liberties with historical events, infusing them with a modern sensibility and a feminist perspective.

“We’re exploring the female gaze in a way that’s both entertaining and thought-provoking,” Bader continued. “The Tudor era was known for its bleakness, but our series injects humor and excitement into the narrative. It’s a refreshing take on a female-driven story.”

Edward Bluemel, who plays Guildford Dudley, Jane’s husband in the series, discussed the creative liberties taken with historical accuracy. “It was liberating to reimagine these historical figures,” Bluemel shared. “While we respect the framework of their real lives, our portrayals offer a contemporary spin that’s both engaging and accessible.”


“My Lady Jane” blends genres seamlessly, incorporating elements of romance, fantasy, and adventure. Bader described it as “genre-bending,” emphasizing its departure from conventional storytelling norms. “It defies categorization,” she added. “It’s a blend of everything audiences crave, yet it remains uniquely its own.”

Bluemel echoed this sentiment, labeling the series as a “romantasy” due to its fusion of romance and fantasy elements. “There’s humor, adventure, heart, and yes, romance,” he noted. “The chemistry between Jane and Guildford is palpable, evolving from initial friction to a profound partnership.”

Regarding the dynamic between Jane and Guildford, Bluemel teased, “Their journey is anything but conventional. Guildford learns as much from Jane as she does from him. It’s a refreshing reversal of traditional gender roles.”

As “My Lady Jane” prepares to captivate audiences worldwide, its creators and cast alike are eager to see how viewers respond to this bold reimagining of history. With its blend of humor, romance, and adventure, the series promises to leave a lasting impression, offering a fresh perspective on a centuries-old tale.

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