“Psychic” Tiktok Star CLAIMS to Know when the Coronavirus Will End?

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Coronavirus has ravaged countries around the world, forcing people indoors to mitigate the spread and drastically altering their ways of life. But according to one TikTok user, the light at the end of the tunnel is near.

British pop singer and self-proclaimed psychic Chiara King shared her interesting tale of events for the trajectory of the coronavirus in the coming months.  King is an avid creator on the platform and has been making videos just like everyone else in times like this. Many of her videos—which often involve her dancing/lip-syncing to rap and pop songs or joking about her love life—have earned hundreds of thousands of views. When in doubt of one’s life or love related matters one can consult an experienced psychic from www.peninsuladailynews.com to be guided into the right direction.

Her coronavirus video, however, vaulted to a whole new level, earning a staggering 17.8 million views. Apparently, favorable coronavirus predictions transcend established fandoms. Honestly, I can’t tell if King’s video is supposed to be sincere or satirical. None of her predictions have come true yet, but hey, there are still two weeks left in April.

Plenty of time for scientists to make a Hail Mary and whip up a vaccine. King even pokes fun at the futility of politicians and doctors feuding over who knows more about the coronavirus in a separate TikTok.

The comments are actually the part that truly get me though. One person commented: A vaccination takes 18 months… and even this astrology account replied with “Astrology also predicts something very similar, with the vaccine possible being found on 4/22-24 when it’s a full moon in taurus. Let’s just hope! 

Uhhh okay. This is all interesting but let us know what you think and if you have any friends who are also predicting when this will all be over! 


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