Realtor Finds a Man Asleep in Bed During Apartment Tour

Okay but the apartment does look nice.
By Savannah Moss
Image: @notevenfrenchy | TikTok

One TikToker shared an interesting event when she was being shown an apartment by a realtor: the current tenant was still there. The realtor began to yell at the tenant through a door, saying that she had asked him to leave the apartment so she could give viewing to the creator. The TikToker clarified that the realtor was “the sweetest lady ever” despite the yelling, but many people in the comments were not happy, thinking that this was unprofessional and a bit uncomfortable for the tenant.


the bathroom was really nice though #apartmenttour #nycapartment

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Many defended the tenant, and overall thought the video was a bit odd and should have been kept private. Many believed that the tenant was still living there till the end of the month and had paid for April’s rent, saying that “He did nothing wrong. He still lives there she should’ve waited until the unit was vacant.” The creator, however, cleared this up and said that the tenant should have been out by a certain time, which is why she was “very upset.” Others thought the video wasn’t as serious as others were acting and found it quite humorous.

Image: @notevenfrenchy | TikTok

Some tried to also look on the positive side of the viewing, even if it did not go as one might have planned when going through the stressful event of apartment hunting. Many pointed out how beautiful the apartment is, and that you can clearly sleep well in the apartment since the tenant did not seem to flinch during the showing. One commenter wrote “As you can see this apartment is very comfortable.”

Overall, this opened a discussion on apartment showings, and why the realtor did not opt to show a property she knew from experience was vacant to avoid this. But, many focused on the funnier sides of things, including how the realtor texted the tenant to make sure he would be out and then began to read those texts to him as a reminder.