Recent Trends In Hiring

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The hiring of candidates by organizations is one of the key tasks completed by HR departments or staffing solutions providers like Hiring culture and practices are always changing. To ensure that you don’t miss out on the latest within this industry, you must take the time to read this article. Here are some recent trends mentioned by some of the best staffing agencies:


HR departments are increasingly automating some organizational and administrative tasks. Intelligent HR software allows for an ever-increasing level of automation. This allows HR teams to focus on the more complex human-facing work that they are tasked with and therefore streamlines the work of the entire department.

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Emphasis On Benefits

In the United States, uncertainty about healthcare and insurance is a constant factor plaguing the lives of lower-income people. For this reason, employers are often required to step in and provide health insurance and other benefits for their workers. Many companies are now opting to emphasize the benefits they offer over the wages they pay when hiring. The stability afforded by having good health insurance is, for many people, worth far more than money.

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Remote And Hybrid Working

Although remote working was on the rise before 2019, the deadly coronavirus pandemic was the catalyst for huge changes in working systems when it first swept through the world. In many nations, remote working was mandated or encouraged in order to stop the spread of the virus. This led companies to adopt strategies for staying productive despite their staff’s absence. Remote working and hybrid working are here to stay. Many former office workers are sold on the idea of remaining away from their cubicles for the rest of their careers. More and more candidates search specifically for jobs that allow for remote working. Hiring practices now reflect this new normal, with many HR teams offering candidates a flexible hybrid working arrangement.

Education As A Benefit

With the great resignation in full swing, HR departments need to do all they can to keep good candidates within a company and to help keep their business robust. Offering education as a benefit to candidates is a good way of retaining ambitious staff while ensuring that the employing business can strengthen itself by promoting qualified staff members internally. Education is seen as a benefit by many ambitious workers as it allows them to gain more skills and qualifications so that they can move into more senior roles. Many companies offer nationally recognized qualifications as part of their educational programs.

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Internal Hiring

Although companies have always looked to their existing cadre of staff when attempting to fill roles, this practice is due to become even more important in a high skill, workforce-constrained environment. Recruiters of the future, even the ones who utilize strategies like active sourcing, will look internally first before attempting to find suitable candidates on the outside of a company. This is partially in order to save money. More importantly, however, it allows for a more detailed analysis of candidates. Data will be available from trusted sources pertaining to the ability of a candidate to work within the hiring company. An assessment of their suitability for a role can be carried out with far more accuracy than an assessment of an external candidate.

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