Good Omens Hilariously Responds to Religious Group Mistake

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A group of concerned Catholics have demanded that Netflix drop the new TV show Good Omens, which they believe promotes “Satanic values.” The only problem? Good Omens is streamed by Amazon Prime, not Netflix.

The six-episode miniseries, based on a 1990 novel written by acclaimed sci-fi / fantasy authors Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, stars David Tennant (Doctor Who, Marvel’s Jessica Jones) and Michael Sheen (30 Rock, The Simpsons) as demonic and angelic emissaries of Hell and Heaven, respectively. The pair must set aside their differences to prevent a supernatural apocalypse which threatens the human world they’ve both grown fond of.

Though it makes no particular claim on any one religious faith, it has proven particularly offensive to some viewers, including a Catholic group called the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Prosperity. On their website, the organization posted a petition titled “Tell Netflix: Cancel Blasphemous ‘Good Omens’ Series,” which collected over 20,000 signatures within the first day.

The group cited a number of complaints against the show, mostly focused on Tennant’s character of Crowley – a demon who in the show’s canon was the one to trick Adam and Eve into committing original sin – and on the fact that God is portrayed by a woman (Frances McDormand).

Their apparent confusion over who controls the series’ fate garnered a lot of laughs from those involved. On Thursday, Amazon responded by tweeting:

Meanwhile, Good Omens author and lead series writer Neil Gaiman tweeted out a response to the original list of criticisms.


Gaiman has also  said, in response to similar criticisms: “When people who proclaim themselves as ‘white supremacists’ turn off Good Omens after the first few minutes, and then come on Twitter to tell me off, that I think sometimes a negative review is a marvelous and heartwarming thing.”

The ASDT eventually took down the petition and corrected their mistake, but ironically they seem to have given their target more publicity, which is probably not what they wanted.

One Facebook user wrote: “I had less than zero interest in this show before I knew [Gaiman & Pratchett] wrote the original book, but it has my attention now!”

Good Omens’ full six episodes were released on May 31st and are available now on Amazon Prime.



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