Rep. George Santos Steps Down From House Committees, Resignation Could Be Next

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Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc/Getty Images

New York GOP representative George Santos, who has found himself in a web of lies surrounding his professional and personal background, stepped down temporarily from the several House committees he was part of today. The committees were focused on small businesses and science. The congressman, who even found himself in a strange argument with drag queen Trixie Mattel , has now repeatedly been called upon to resign from his position.

Despite lying about his college degree, work history, and even fabricating Jewish heritage, the House of Representatives is unable to remove him without his consent. Santos’ resignation from several house committees this morning could prove an important step towards his resignation, a step that continues to divide the GOP members of the House.

Should Santos resign, it is unlikely that another Republican candidate would win over Nassau County, a traditionally Democrat-leaning area. The internet is still shocked that the mounting lies associated with Santos’ campaign are not enough to oust him from the House all together. Some activists and Democrat voters are pointing out the hypocrisy of the situation, considering that several other GOP members of the House have publicly made factually incorrect statements, notably Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Twitter couldn’t get enough of the strange humor of it all.

Others pointed out how Santos ran entirely on bringing diversity to the Republican party, only to disgrace the communities he claimed to champion.


78% of voters in the 3rd congressional district in which he was elected want Santos to resign, according to a recent poll.

Some feel that Santos’ removal of himself from the special committees could signify a resignation around the corner, especially amid the recent voting poll. However, he continues to refuse to resign.

Recently appointed Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy remains tight-lipped about the Santos situation. He gave a long winded-answer about what called the “broken” state of congress on Monday. Santos said today that his decision to step down from his committees was not the result of an earlier meeting with Speaker McCarthy.


Despite Santos’ statements to reporters today, his legal troubles continue to grow, and analysts believe that regardless of what he says, a resignation could certainly still be around the corner.

The recusal from the House committees comes just days after more news broke of a Navy veteran named Richard Osthoff claiming that Santos stole $3,000 from a GoFund Me page dedicated to his dog’s cancer treatment.

Osthoff’s claims are only the latest in a mounting pile of accusations that led to a House Ethics investigation. If the investigation further proves many of Santos’ controversies to be true, he could face dire consequences. Should he resign, he could still skirt some of the legal consequences of his actions.

The investigation remains ongoing, and could result in Santos’ expulsion if he does not resign in the meantime.

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