Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Says She Was a Target of Swatting Twice

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Kent Nishimura / Los Angeles Times/Getty Images

Georgia representative Marjorie Taylor Green tweeted that she was a target of a “swatting” police call on Wednesday morning. In case you’re unfamiliar, swatting refers to a prank call made to authorities to persuade them to a location, typically the victim’s home. The goal of the prank call is to make the police believe a violent crime has either happened or will happen at the location, and the more response from police the better, creating the ultimate goal for the SWAT team to arrive.

According to CNN, “Police officers in Rome, Georgia, responded shortly after 1 a.m. ET to a ‘911 call reference to a subject being shot multiple times,'” according to Rome police assistant chief Debbie Burnett, stating Greene assured officers there was no issuer and the call was most likely a prank. On Thursday morning, she tweeted she was swatted again.

The 911 dispatch for the county received a second call from the same person, who was using a voice generated from a computer to state they were upset about Greene’s political views on transgender youth. Recently, Greene has been incredibly vocal about transgender people and introduced a bill last week to make it a felony to provide gender-affirming medical care to transgender minors.

Now, police stated the department is now investigating the caller and the incident. “Not only did they put my life and my family’s life in danger, but they also put the police officers’ lives in danger,” Greene said. On Twitter, she noted it was “terrifying someone used this violent tactic as a police attack.”
Rob Maness stated “whoever did this must be held accountable. These actions risk innocent lives.”


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