Resurfaced TikTok Video from BTS Concert Shows Lack of Security at SOFI Stadium

Security was overwhelmed they gave up checking bags and even tickets.
By Najla Alexander

A free for all BTS concert what?!? That sounds like an opportunity to get better seats than the ones you purchased, but it also calls for being worried about one’s well-being. In a TikTok video, which got over 350,000 views since being posted, user @heyneneh is getting ready to enter the SoFi stadium for a BTS concert but finds out that security is not checking your nags anymore as well as your ticket.

Photo: BTS | Ticketmaster

The security believed to stop checking bags due to the overwhelming amount of fans and presumably just gave up, letting anyone in.


Apparently there was no need to spend hundreds of dollars on tickets because they just let everyone in from the street. I can’t believe what I witnessed #sofistadium

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In light of the tragic events of Astroworld, just letting anyone and everyone to a concert as popular as BTS could be proven dangerous. Security checking bags is for the safety of everyone at the concert and security not doing so can prove dangerous when more and more people decide to rush into the concert. The user states in the video, “We just walked through, they have not done a bag check, they have not checked anything. They’ve not checked COVID passes and at the minute they have not even checked our ticket. They just let everyone run through the entrance,” Neneh says worriedly.


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♬ original sound – nenehtrainer

The user posted follow-up videos explaining why this could have been so scary and that everyone’s safety was at risk. “Anyone could have entered the show with any kind of weapon which America is full of a specific type of weapon…because after the tragedy that happened at that festival you’d think that security teams worldwide would want to make sure that nothing like that happened, especially in the same country that took place,” she explained.

In times like this, you may have an opportunity to see a free concert as some did in L.A. at the SoFi stadium, but remember to be always safe at concerts with things like Astroworld happening.