RIP Mac Miller: Dead At 26 From Apparent Overdose

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Rapper Mac Miller has passed away from an apparent overdose. He was found in his San Fernando Valley home at the age of 26 and was pronounced dead at the scene according to TMZ.

Mac Miller is currently being remembered by his peers for his incredible work as a rapper. His albums include “Best Day Ever”, “Blue Slide Park”, “Macadelic”, “Watching Movies With The Sound Off”, “GO:OD AM”, “The Divine Feminine” and this year’s release, “Swimming”. In addition to this, Mac Miller is responsible for 12 mixtapes.

The singer was known for his prominence in the rap community, and his incredible work with his peers. He is being remembered on Twitter by the likes of Chance the Rapper, Shawn Mendes, J. Cole, Solange Knowles and more. Check the remembrances out below.


Mac Miller’s struggle with drug abuse has been documented before. The singer was arrested for a DUI on May 14th after blowing in twice the legal limit, and his drug abuse was cited as one of the reasons that Ariana Grande ended her relationship with the rapper according to TMZ who went into couples rehab Los Angeles.

It’s important also right now to remind our audience that it is wrong to blame Mac Miller’s ex girlfriend Ariana Grande for the rapper’s death, as many online are currently doing. Drug abuse is an illness and not everyone survives it. Blaming a woman for the bad actions of an ex creates only worsens the tragedy.


Mac Miller will be remembered for his incredible output during his tragically short life. We will keep you updated as more information comes in. For now we mourn the life of an incredible artist, cut too short. Mac Miller will be remembered everyone he influenced which include his loved ones, his colleagues, his friends, and the legions of fans he has left behind.

Tweet at us your favorite memories of Mac Miller on Twitter at @WhatsTrending. Our thoughts are with him and his loved ones.

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