Season Two of “Monster” From Netflix and Ryan Murphy To Focus on The Menendez Brothers

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Menendez Brothers, Netflix, Ryan Murphy, Monster
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The controversial Netflix collaboration with writer-director Ryan Murphy, “Monster”, was recently renewed for a second season. The second season will focus on the Menendez brothers’ murders. The brothers were convicted in 1996 of murdering their parents in 1989. The crime was allegedly motivated by their father’s sexual abuse and their mother’s approval of it.

The show’s creative decision was announced via Netflix’s official social media accounts. The brief clip shared a real 911 call from one of the brothers. In the audio, he frantically tells authorities that his parents had been shot. Netflix confirmed that a third installment of “Monster” had additionally also been ordered. Separately from the show, an “exclusive access” documentary about the case is in the works from Campfire Studios.

“Monster” Controversy

The show serves as a biopic depicting the atrocities of notorious serial killers. The debut season followed Jeffrey Dahmer, played by frequent Murphy collaborator Evan Peters. While Peters’ performance in the disturbing role was praised, many criticized the show’s morals as a whole.

Dahmer’s murders occurred between 1978 and 1991. Several family members of his victims are still alive, and have been outspoken against the show. Rita Isbell, whose brother Errol Lindsay was killed by Dahmer, penned a response to the show for Insider, explaining how the show was “traumatizing” to the countless families who lost people to Dahmer’s violence.

In addition to the real life families impacted by the production, some social media users also feel that the show glamorizes serial killers. Actor Penn Badgley, who also stars as a serial killer in the fictional “You” on Netflix, called out the platform over the production a few months ago. Badgley argued that “You” posed less of a threat due to its entirely fictional nature.


While the only victims of the Menendez brothers were their parents, Erik Menendez’s wife, child, and other family members are all still alive. The brothers’ cousin, Diane Vander Molen, testified on their behalf to confirm their sexual assault claims.  Most importantly, contrary to Dahmer, who was killed in prison by Christopher Scarver, both Menendez brothers are still alive and serving prison time. They have both previously cooperated with documentaries made about their case, as has Erik’s wife Tammi.

Internet Reactions

Social media users had a lot to say about the series. Many feel that the Menendez brothers were mistreated by the judicial system. Prosecutors confirmed using forensic evidence that they were responsible for the killings of their parents. However, many argue that the killing was committed in self defense. Neither had a history of violence prior the the 1989 killings.

Due to the different nature of the Menendez brothers’ crime, some feel that their story should not have a place in the “Monster” anthology. Dahmer was a convicted serial killer and cannibal, while the Menendez brothers did what they believed necessary to survive a lifetime of abuse.

Others argue that despite the vastly different nature of the respective crimes, the Menendez story on “Monster” could raise some much needed awareness surrounding their case.


On the contrary, others feel that the series as a whole is still unethical, as it resurfaces trauma for several people involved. Twitter users are curious about whether the brothers will be consulted in the making of the series, as they have cooperated with filmmakers in the past.

The second season of “Monster” does not have a release date yet, but will be streaming in 2024.

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