The trailer for Battlefield V shows the new game will feature women in prominent combat roles. Now, many gamers are getting angry about “historical inaccuracy” using the hashtag #NotMyBattlefield.

The video game Battlefield V, which will be released in October, recently dropped their trailer, and some sexist game freaks are really mad about it.

Before we dive into this story, I have one question. Have you ever played a video game for historical accuracy? Yeah, didn’t think so. I think it’s fair to say video games are fun because they’re not real life. So, after the trailer released, men (that have nothing better to do with their time) basically began freaking out because women were featured in the trailer of the game that takes place during World War II. This, eventually, started a revolution on Twitter with the hashtag #NotMyBattlefield.

In fairness, plenty of gamers are pretty freakin’ stoked about Battlefield V.

What do you think of all this Battlefield V drama? Will you still be playing? Let us know in the comments.

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