Shannon Beveridge’s Girlfriend Put on Blast in Fletcher’s New Song “Becky’s So Hot”

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Singer and songwriter Fletcher just teased a new song on TikTok, but it’s about her ex-girlfriend Shannon Beveridge’s current girlfriend Becky.

For context, popular singer Cari Fletcher, or just Fletcher, released a song titled “Becky’s So Hot” which is an obvious reference to her ex’s current partner. Fletcher posted a quick snippet on the song, which has now accumulated over 1 million views and almost 148 thousand likes.


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♬ Becky’s So Hot – FLETCHER

But the drama doesn’t stop there, of course. The lesbian YouTube influencer, Shannon Beveridge is often known under the account “Nowthisisliving.”

After Beveridge had two public relationships, including the one she had with Fletcher, she now tries to keep her life a bit more private, but fans are aware she has been dating her current girlfriend Becky for some time. But, after people began speculating Fletcher’s new song was about her, she became involved in the drama circulating on TikTok.

On Twitter, she commented “an empath would never” which seemed to be a comment directed toward the incident. Other people wondered if this was a PR stunt designated to create hype around Fletcher’s single and upcoming album.

But, in a now-deleted video, she says she didn’t have anything to do with the song. Beveridge’s current girlfriend also confirmed this on Instagram, noting she did not have anything to do with the song and was not aware it was being produced until she heard the snippet with everyone else.


So, many in the queer community could not believe the drama that was unfolding before their eyes. Many noted it seemed to be nostalgic to previous lesbian dramas, especially on YouTube, with one person joking it felt like “home.”

Other people, however, felt like this was really inappropriate. “In my opinion, there is no Fletcher and Shannon ‘drama.’

Fletcher blind-sided her ex by releasing a sexually provocative song about their current partner. that is disrespectful to Shannon at best and a violation of Becky’s consent at worst. this is objectively bad behavior,” one person noted, referring to the sexually explicit language and also referring to wanting to “hit” her.

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