#StopAsianHateCrimes Trends After The Atlanta Shooting          

The Atlanta shooting prompts an online response from thousands inside the Asian community asking for a stop to the hate crimes.
By Caleb Hurley

As Covid 19 numbers rose, so did hate crimes against people of Asian descent. U.S. Leaders using derogatory and inflammatory rhetoric such as the “China virus” only stoked the flames of hatred and blame on Asian populations further until the flames had spread into an uncontrollable bonfire, with nearly 3800 instances of hate crimes against Asians recorded in 2020 by the Stop AAPI Hate coalition. The Atlanta shooting is the most violent act yet, in the large amount of hate crimes that have been perpetuated since the pandemic started March 2020, with six of the victims being Asian women.  #StopAsianHateCrimes as well as sister hashtags #AsianLivesMatter and #StopAsianHate started trending on Twitter after the news of the Atlanta shooting hit the public.  Twitter users have used the hashtag to educate others on what it has been like to be Asian during the pandemic, dispel the rumors that brought on the hate crimes in the first place, and talk about how others can help Asians during this difficult time.

Many of the supporters of the hashtag also supported black lives matter, with many drawing parallels between the current shooting and events such as the Emmanuel nine shooting, where nine people were murdered by a notorious white supremacist. The most obvious parallel was the treatment of the suspect by the police. In both cases, the criminal was treated decently by the police, a privilege Twitter users say most minorities never experience.

In addition to the parallels to the Emmanuel nine shooting, Twitter users also used the hashtag to express discontent at the way the Republican party handled Covid 19, which many believe led to the rise in hate crimes. Among those expressing their discontent were several prominent politicians.

It’s clear that there are those who are fighting strongly to stop the wave of hate against Asians since the advent of Covid 19. They have given the public a clear message on what has been happening to them and what will continue to happen unless others take action. It is the same message thousands of Black Americans have sent and continue to send daily. The only question is when will the public listen?