Simu Liu Under Fire For Calling Woman Who Criticized Him in Viral TikTok

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Simu Liu made headlines when he clapped back at an article that claimed a “single actor appears to be getting the bulk of Asian male roles in Hollywood.” And now the actor is getting serious heat for clapping back at a TikTok video online where a woman called the actor out for “not being able to handle criticism.”

The headlines around Simu Liu have picked up a lot lately with people on social media giving their hot takes, some of which have gotten responses from the star. 

Behind The Recent Headlines

This all started back in April of 2023 when the “Barbie” movie got backlash for casting the Marvel actor. Users on Twitter were not happy to see the Shang-Chi star in the film after a series of Reddit posts resurfaced online. One person online tweeted “The Simu Liu hate is not because he’s asian. It’s because he’s a reddit incel who compared being gay to pedifilia and is anti black.

The posts in question from 2015, came from an account titled “nippedinthebud” with Simu Liu’s name reportedly attached to it. According to screenshots, the users wrote a disturbing statement about pedophilia and likened it to being gay. Liu never addressed the comments nor confirmed that it was his account. 

In 2019, Liu took to Twitter to call the platform a “slanderous place.”


Just recently, the actor also came under fire for calling Air Canada staff members unpleasant and rude in an Instagram story. The post read “@aircanada staff at Pearson are a combination of the best and worst of humanity. The best go above and beyond for people who are trying to brave horrendous airport lines to try and get to their destination. The worst are completely apathetic and use the crowds as punching bags.” 

The star even messaged the writer of the op-ed that called him a “thirst trap” for his casting in the “Barbie” movie with the writer responding to it via TikTok. 


Happy AAPI month ???? #aapi #barbie #asianamerican

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All of this news and headlines lead for this TikToker to call out the star claiming he can never handle criticism. 

Behind The Claim That Liu Can’t “Handle Criticism”

Liu is being accused of publicly shaming and targeting two young women who posted their thoughts on the “Barbie” star. The user in question, claims that Liu cannot handle criticism and is one of the biggest “ick”s in Hollywood. 


self serving, thats it.

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The user ended up posting the take on TikTok without tagging the celeb. From there, someone actually recorded the video, shared it on Instagram and tagged Simu Liu. He rescinded to the video in his mentions and later removed the post in his Instagram stories. 

Some users chimed in saying that Liu should not have been putting these users on blast with his millions of followers with others saying the woman in question put an opinion out there and got the response she deserved.

Simu Liu has not made any public comment on the matter other than his now deleted Instagram Story. The TikToker posted a follow up video claiming her point of Liu not able to take criticism was validated in the end.

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