‘Sleepy Chicken’ Is The New Gross TikTok Trend

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igrobflo on TikTok

We all remember the days of kids eating Tide Pods on the internet, but now we’ve come across a trend that’s arguably worse called ‘sleepy chicken.’


This makes us nauseous just thinking about it (????: @iammaddisonhill) (????: @Rob Flo, @Xzerious Stinnett) #viral nyquilchicken #tiktoktrend

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There is a TikTok trend right now where people are cooking their chicken in cold or flu medicine like Nyquil, hence the trend name ‘sleepy chicken’ or ‘NyQuil chicken.’

This trend has taken over headlines and social media, therefore doctors are now warning people to not do this for several reasons. One, you’re likely taking way more than the appropriate dose and two, if you’re not cooking the chicken properly you could give yourself food poisoning.

You know we love a good TikTok recipe, but this is one we will not be trying. 

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