Social Media Dissects The Phenomenon Surrounding The Missing Titanic Submarine

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A group of five tourists each paid $250,000 per person to take a submarine tour of the sunken RMS Titanic shipwreck, and the group is now missing. U.S. Coast Guard Captain Jason Frederick confirmed that the submarine, called the Titan, is about the size of a minivan, and should have about 40 hours left of oxygen. Frederick stated that it was “an incredibly complex operation,” and confirmed that he sent rescue teams to search 7,600 square miles of ocean waters.

One Twitter user resurfaced an old video clip exploring the mechanics of the submarine, and it appears to be controlled by a video game controller.

Many Twitter users were in disbelief at the unregulated submarine’s ability to submerge passengers. The gaming controller shown in the video has predominantly negative reviews on Amazon, leading some to believe that this is the reason behind the submarine’s disappearance.

The Duality Of The Sinking Ship

Among the five passengers, four have been identified. Two of the passengers are members of Pakistan’s wealthiest family. These two passengers were billionaire Shahzada Dawood and his son Sulaiman Dawood. Recently, a Pakistani migrant ship sunk off the coast of Greece, and slim to no rescue efforts lead hundreds to their deaths. The migrants were reportedly being trafficked illegally into Europe. Pakistani Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif announced intentions to “to tighten the noose around individuals involved in the heinous act of human smuggling.” Today, many are noting the differences in rescue efforts between the two missing ships, one containing working class passengers and the other containing billionaires.


Elsewhere, scientists and educators are sharing diagrams of just how deep the ocean is at the site of the Titanic crash.

Others remind Titanic history buffs that it took 73 years to uncover the site of the wreck in the first place.


Elsewhere, others are shocked at the horror of the way the submarine was built. The vessel can only be opened from the outside, meaning that even if the passengers surface, they cannot let themselves out.

Others pointed out the strange irony of the wealthy passengers paying to see the infamous shipwreck, only to wind up shipwrecked themselves.

Why Is Everyone so Obsessed With The Titanic?

The Titanic was deemed “the unsinkable ship” when it was built in 1911. It later sunk during its first voyage in 1912, not being discovered until 1985 off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada. The shocking shipwreck predominantly allowed for women and children to survive in the few life boats available. One Twitter user pointed out that the incident was the first tragedy of its kind in which psychologists, medical professionals, and historians, were finally left to rely on women’s perspectives, and examine their trauma.

The historic tragedy was brought to the forefront of pop culture with director James Cameron’s Academy Award winning 1997 film “Titanic”, which starred a young Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in titular roles. The film’s massive success brought viewers’ attention back to the incident, leading to the ongoing fascination. Today, many are coping with the disturbing lost submarine through posting memes inspired by the film.

A rescue mission is still underway, with coast guards combing the waters for answers.

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