Ellen Degeneres Star Sophia Grace Announces She’s Pregnant

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Photo: Andrew Batsch/Newspix/Getty Images

Sophia Grace just announced that she is pregnant and it really does show that time flies. 

Sophia Grace Brownlee really became an early internet sensation and stole the hearts of so many people when she took the stage on “The Ellen Show” back in 2011. 

And she sang the song that still a lot of people play when they think of the peak 2010s music. 

Yes, that song was Super Bass by Nicki Minaj and she sang it with her five-year-old cousin Rosie McClelland. The two became so popular that they even got their own segment on the show titled “Tea Time with Sophia Grace and Rosie where they interviewed people like Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. 

In a recent YouTube video Brownlee announced that she is 21 weeks pregnant but was really waiting to tell her followers to make sure that there were no complications with carrying her baby to term. 

The video has over two million views as of writing this article.


And it seems like everyone was really happy to hear the news and were excited for the young star.

One of the comments on the YouTube video states “it honestly feels like a friend has told me their expecting, i’ve in a way like a lot of others grown up with her and it’s amazing to see her starting her own small family <3” 


Many users online have been watching the girls grow up over time, and they even came back to the Ellen show to recreate their viral moment.


Now a lot of people are also surprised that the girl is 19 already, like yes time has flown by, and that she is pregnant. 


I am still waiting to see if we hear from Nicki Minaj about this news.

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