Stanley Gifts TikTok User A New Car After Shocking Advertisement

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A TikTok user named Danielle Marie Lettering (@daniellemarielettering) shared footage of her totaled car following a devastating car fire, revealing that all that survived was her Stanley cup, beverage and ice still inside. The video was met with an outpouring of support and shock for the popular product’s durability.

Following the millions of views and likes Lettering’s video received, the president and CEO of Stanley responded to her video, offering to share some complimentary Stanley merchandise, and purchase her a new car. Stanley customers and TikTok users who stumbled upon the fire on their for-you page now vow to purchase the popular cups, and are widely praising the company’s timely and positive response, coupled with their generosity.


#stitch with @Danielle Stanley has your back ❤️

♬ original sound – Stanley 1913

Lettering responded to Stanley’s generous offer, and thanked the company and her comment section profusely for their overwhelming support following the tragedy.


♬ original sound – Danielle

Social Media Reactions

Many continue to praise the brand’s response as the perfect example of holiday season marketing in a surprising and nontraditional way. Ahead of Thanksgiving, many feel that the giving spirit is needed more than ever. Amid global and national tensions, onlookers are taking in the feel-good story with gratitude.


Others felt that the organic interaction was just what marketing needed right now, amid a newfound reliance on influencers and calculated advertising videos. The interaction comes at the tail end of TikTok’s “de-influencing” trend, in which TikTok creators continue to share their honest reviews on popular products instead of blindly peddling ads.

Others responded by photoshopping Stanley cups onto stock images of disasters in humorous attempts at getting a car, despite the company president saying that they “probably won’t be doing that again.”

Stanley was founded in 1913 and is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. The company sought to craft durable materials for hikers and campers, but the cups in particular have caught on among young women. Even Grammy winning singer-songwriter Olivia Rodrigo revealed that she never leaves home without her Stanley in a recent interview.



Stanley Stans rise up #StanleyCup #OliviaRodrigo #Stanley #UtahSoda

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The singer reflected on the Stanley “subculture” that has emerged on TikTok, including discussions on the water and soda mixtures young women are crafting to put in their respective Stanleys. She traced the origin of the trend back to Utah, where she spent time filming Disney’s “High School Musical:The Musical: The Series.” Young women in high school and college appear to be the driving force behind the rise of the Stanley cup trend.

It is unclear when Lettering will receive her new car and Stanley merchandise, but the brand has certainly expanded its customer base through their act of kindness. Thousands continue to flock to hop on the trend after seeing their positive brand ethos and the truly long lasting quality of the products.

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