Starbucks Barista Shows Off What A ‘Milk Run’ Is In A Viral Video

Got milk? Sorry, had to.
By Maddison Hill
madcowgrl on TikTok

Have you ever wondered what Starbucks baristas do if their shipment of milk doesn’t come in? Well, lucky for us there’s a viral TikTok that’s spilling the tea, or milk.


Okay, but the baristas who go on milk runs are the real MVP’s (🗣: @iammaddisonhill) (🎥: @🤠) #viral #starbucksbarista #milkrun #baristatok

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TikTok user and Starbucks barista @madcowgirl showed herself going on a “milk run.” Her video has more than 2 million views and according to the comments this is something that happens whenever a supply of milk does not come to a Starbucks store or the store simply runs out.

The TikTok user said she wore her hat into Target that way people don’t think she’s a “psycho” then she proceeded to buy $99 worth of milk. While this might seem mind boggling to us, based on the comments this is a normal occurrence for Starbucks baristas.

Some said milk runs are the best and while others said they’ve heard one too many jokes during milk runs.