Starbucks Barista Shows Off What A ‘Milk Run’ Is In A Viral Video

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Have you ever wondered what Starbucks baristas do if their shipment of milk doesn’t come in? Well, lucky for us there’s a viral TikTok that’s spilling the tea, or milk.


Okay, but the baristas who go on milk runs are the real MVP’s (????: @iammaddisonhill) (????: @????) #viral #starbucksbarista #milkrun #baristatok

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TikTok user and Starbucks barista @madcowgirl showed herself going on a “milk run.” Her video has more than 2 million views and according to the comments this is something that happens whenever a supply of milk does not come to a Starbucks store or the store simply runs out.

The TikTok user said she wore her hat into Target that way people don’t think she’s a “psycho” then she proceeded to buy $99 worth of milk. While this might seem mind boggling to us, based on the comments this is a normal occurrence for Starbucks baristas.

Some said milk runs are the best and while others said they’ve heard one too many jokes during milk runs. 

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