Starbucks Worker Had To Immediately Go Back To Work Even After Getting Second-Degree Burns

Starbucks really messed up here...
By Gabrielle Fiorella
Image: @SBworkersunited | TikTok

A Starbucks worker claims she had suffered second-degree burns while on the job and was denied “time off, any compensation to recover, or support from management in general within the days following the incident. According to her GoFundMe, Julia theorized that the treatment from the company probably stems from her attempt to unionize her location in Buffalo, New York. The TikTok detailing the incident was posted by SBWorkersUnited (@sbworkersunited), which is an account dedicated to organizing Starbucks workers for unionization, and it currently has over 63,000 views.


This is why we organize. Fellow partners at Julia’s store are collecting donations here: #starbucksbarista #starbucksunion #2nddegreeburns #whyweorganize

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In the video, Julia describes how she accidentally spilled hot water on her foot during her closing shift. She had been wearing protective shoes, but that didn’t stop her toes and the side of her left foot from getting second-degree burns. She had been able to call out the day before but for some reason, even after this injury, she was required to return to work right away. Julia also made an incident report, but this still didn’t result in any compensation or even a call or text from her manager. “I haven’t seen or heard from my manager since it happened and with it now being a week later, I am still at work, with my foot getting worse each day I’m here,” Julia commented in the video. “I just need some help, because I have no sick time available left to use, and they’re forcing me to work in the condition I’m in, one where I can’t even put shoes on,” she further explained. Unfortunately, other people could share their experiences of unfair treatment with Starbucks, which is what this TikToker’s account focuses on.


The truth behind the siren’s curtain… Starbucks wants you to think we are our happiest at work, but they are retaliating, intimidating & threatening workers who are fighting for better conditions #starbucks #starbuckssiren #starbucksunion

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As @madsnotmax says, union busting is disgusting! #sbworkersunited #howardschultz #unionbusting #starbucksunion

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Comments flooded in, supporting her and criticizing Starbucks for how they’ve treated her. “This is a worker’s comp case. They are responsible for covering treatment,” one user claimed. Many were about their own personal experiences like Julia’s. “You know that oil from the crispy grilled cheese after warming it? Yeah… I almost burned alive. And I still couldn’t go home early,” said another user. Julia has set up a GoFundMe to cover all lost wages following the incident.