Starbucks Worker Receives 52k Order in Viral TikTok

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A customer placed a massive online Starbucks order that costs the same as a car and even a mortgage payment. The total was…over $52,000 for over 9,000 venti caramel frappucinos.

The worker at the time when receiving this order was working by himself and decided to document it because he himself could not believe someone could place an order this big. Not surprised the video had almost 300,000 views in such a short time causing people to really see the stress that comes with working at fast-food establishments. Making you think if the person really thought this plan out thoroughly before placing this big of an order. Like say does this specific Starbucks have enough supplies to make over 9,000 frappes, and the worker cannot guarantee that these frappes will stay frozen until the time the customer picks them up.

You see in the video the total coming up to $52,189.20 for 9,576 venti caramel frappes and the worker just flabbergasted at how all of the receipts printed out. The comments flooding with things like:

“Yeah no i’d say we’re closed sorry,” one commenter said.

“Rip to ur sticker machine,” a person commented.

One person pointed out that, “This has to be real because they PRINTED the tickets.”


“All except the last 10 are going to be melted by the time y’all finish,” a person in the comments section said.

“bc customer b doing this and getting made when we dont finish in 5 mins,” another person commented.

Working in the fast-food industry comes with quite a lot of challenges including ones like this and it is vital to remember that fast-food workers are people too. They are faced with tasks like this every single day and to not only treat them with respect but also be patient because of the amount of work they have to do every day. Not including dealing with very hard customers that make life harder for everyone.

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