Shia LaBeouf Can Rap Better Than Most Professionals

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  • Shia LaBeouf: actual cannibal, possible marriage faker, and so, so much more. If you’re a loyal reader of this site, you know that we’ve covered his budding rap career once before. In the last video to surface of the former child star rapping, he was accused of plagiarizing other MCs. Well, GUESS WHAT, INTERNET? He’s back to shut everybody up!

    Good ol’ Shia “Louis Stevens” LaBeouf stepped up to arguably the biggest challenge in all of rap this week when he appeared on Sway in the Morning to perform a 5 Fingers of Death freestyle. To the uninitiated, a 5FOD freestyle is a long-ass (in this case, four minutes) improvised rap performed over five different beats. The beats are intended to trip up the rhymer — they’re not all the same rhythm, BPM, or intensity, and whoever steps up to the mic must adapt to each beat, rather than just rap in their comfort zone.

    To the surprise of everyone in the YouTube comments section, LaBeouf totally kills it. Sure, there’s a struggle bar or two in there (the hashtag flow bit where he talks about Geico is a little awkard), but c’mon. Dude is spitting for four straight minutes, all while the DJ tries to mess him up, and he’s still better than a lot of rap professionals.

    Sidebar: LaBeouf isn’t the only non-rapper who’s murdered a freestyle on Sway. Check out the NBA’s Damian Lillard lay down some rhymes:

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