BlackBoxTV’s Tony V and Shanna Malcolm Share Scary Stories Of Filming At Villisca Axe Murder House

  • For Geek Week’s Supernatural Day, Tony V of BlackBoxTV and Shanna Malcolm talk about new video “You Look Delicious” and what they would do if there was a spirit inside of them!

    Having carved out the horror niche on YouTube for three years in a row, Tony is excited to release a host of interactive videos that dip into the supernatural for Geek Week.

    “It was all these characters we’ve had on the channel since January,” he says. “It was like bringing all my friends together, both the talent and the characters were created together.”

    He also scares us a bit by telling stories of shooting in haunted locations, like the Villisca Axe Murder House. “If you knock hard enough on those doors, something knocks back,” he says. “It’s less Scooby Doo when you’re in a house and you hear kids crying who aren’t there and things moving around and you’re friends are getting uptight and crying and you hear doors slamming and you’re not shooting…”

    He adds, “I don’t do hauntings anymore because we had so much stuff happen.”

    And since Shanna is so insistent upon not dabbling in supernatural suspicions, it’s only fair that she play a possessed victim in Tony’s next video.

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