Ebony Day And Jason Horton Review Best Cover Songs For The YouTube Music Awards

  • Ebony Day and Jason Horton chat with Shira Lazar on What’s Trending Live in London about the YouTube Music Awards Best Cover Song!

    As a cover artist herself, Ebony recommends to aspiring YouTube musicians, “I reckon if you make your cover different so that it stands out from all the others, because there’s so many covers of the same song.”

    As a cover watcher, Jason notes, “If somebody’s like, I’m gonna make a response video just so it becomes popular, and it’s not genuine, I’m automatically turned off, but when someone is like, ‘I have this inspired idea,’ those do really well.”

    With huge hit songs like “Gangnam Style,” “Radioactive,” “Mirrors,” and “Titanium” up for best cover song, Ebony and Jason remark about how cool it is that they’re such massive tunes and all so different, too.

    And as for Ebony, she’s ready to gush over her go-to YouTube stars. “My favorites are Boyce Avenue and Pentatonix. Their videos are perfect quality.”

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