Drag Queens Karmalita Fox And Spice Call Out James Charles Over Failed Collaboration And Predatory Allegations

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Drag queens Spice and Karmalita Fox are calling out beauty focused digital creator James Charles for pulling out of a collaboration with them the night before it was set to happen, and the predatory allegations that continue to arise.

The queens alleged that Charles would only talk to them through his assistant, even when they visited his house in person. They additionally alleged that when further allegations of 24-year-old Charles messaging underage boys romantically and occasionally asking for nude images, Charles’ own brother came out against him to confirm the claims.

In the video, Karmalita also confirms that another controversial beauty creator, Jeffree Starr, claimed he had his own suspicions about Charles’ allegedly predatory behavior. The queens’ claims come after Charles unfollowed both of them on Instagram.


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James Charlesgate

Over the last several years, numerous young men online have come forward about Charles sending them illicit messages while they were underage. Some even accused Charles of insisting that he could “turn them gay” if they claimed that they were straight. Allegations first surfaced in 2019 when fellow beauty creator Tati Westbrook shared a video titled “Bye Sister” alleging varying degrees of inappropriate behavior. They then resurfaced in 2021, for which Charles first apologized. He later alleged that he was “just not physically attracted to older guys,” and that he was more than comfortable supplying teenagers with plane tickets to Los Angeles to come visit him at his home.


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Charles continued to make digital content following the first rounds of allegations, but laid low from the public eye. Things more recently came to light when Charles spoke to Cosmopolitan regarding the allegations, which came from approximately 15 boys and men. The interview was released in conjunction with the announcement of the beauty guru’s makeup brand, Painted, which he attempted to utilize to rehabilitate his image. It was in this interview that Charles confirmed that his brother cut contact with him after the allegations broke, and that the pair have not spoken in two years.



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It is now widely believed that the Cosmopolitan article was intended to rehabilitate Charles’ image, though amid Spice and Karmalita’s allegations, it appears the world of the internet has no intention of letting it go anytime soon. Several high profile alleged grooming and wide age gap relationship scandals in recent years have led to Charles’ behavior falling under a microscope, with many former fans no longer associating with him. Among these scandals include Wilmer Valderrama’s relationship with Demi Lovato, Aaron Taylor Johnson‘s marriage to Sam Taylor Johnson, Dane Cook’s recent marriage to Kelsi Taylor, and more.

The beauty guru shared the start of a collaboration with influencer Kayla Malec today.



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The beauty guru is yet to address the continued allegations rising against him. Painted, Charles’ new makeup brand, launched in August.

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