Super Bowl Sparkles with Stars, But Are Celebrities Influencing Bets?

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This year’s highly-anticipated Super Bowl showdown more than lived up to its reputation for attracting star-studded celebrities. There were so many influential people lining the stands that their shine sometimes threatened to rival the action taking place on the field. From Hollywood A-listers like Taylor Swift and Beyoncé to musicians, talk show hosts and athletes like LeBron James, the celebrity attendance for 2024 was one for the books. 

While these A-list seat warmers surely boosted viewer numbers in some way, it raises an interesting question: do celebrities have the power to influence sports betting decisions?

A night of stars and spectacle

If the event hadn’t taken place in a stadium, some might have mistaken the event for a red carpet premiere. The A-list audience included big names like Gordon Ramsay, Jimmy Kimmel, Paul Rudd, Queen Latifah, the Biebers, and many more. And the list does not end there. The star power extended even further beyond the stands, with Usher headlining the halftime show and renowned artists like Reba McEntire, and Post Malone musically uplifting the event with some show-stopping performances. 

Even though this list is truly impressive, it’s obviously nothing new for the spectacle that is the annual Super Bowl. Also, not all sports fans have a lot of love for celebrities who don’t throw balls around for a living. While the celebrity guest list gracing the stands at this year’s sporting highlight was able to generate some serious buzz, it was ultimately the on-field action that probably stole the show.

Celebrity magnetism

There’s something magnetic about seeing a celebrity in the wild. When one is spotted in the stands of an event like the Super Bowl, their influence has been known to extend far beyond their usual niche. Seeing an iconic face might impact anything from fashion trends to smartphone sales. For this reason, it might be natural to consider the potential impact they might have on the world of sports betting, especially during a major event watched by millions.

Positive perceptions of the pastime that is sports betting could, indeed, be influenced by A-list appearances. Or, maybe the activity has grown so much in recent times because betting platforms have come a long way in a dizzyingly short amount of time. Today, newcomers interested in putting some real skin in a sporting event can find Vegas NFL odds and a bunch of other options with a few simple tabs on a screen. Many popular online spaces offer heaps of helpful information that gives bettors good ideas on which team to place money behind.

Social media’s impact

Social media is, without a doubt, playing a huge role in creating buzz around online sports betting conversations. Athletes, top influencers, and chart-topping performers are increasingly getting their voices heard. All this chatter is making betting activities normal and boosting hype around many different sporting calendar events. It’s a no-brainer to think this social media hype, particularly among youthful people, is driving the trend forward every day.


The ongoing relationship between Era’s icon Taylor Swift and NFL heartthrob Travis Kelce has done a lot to stir up interest in the sports betting world. While their personal daily routines and posts might not impact trends directly, it’s not a stretch to argue these matchups put extra heat on already hot activity. Some clever sportsbooks have jumped into the public’s interest by offering novelty bets related to the power couple, especially after Swift’s Eras Tour became the highest grossing tour in history.

It’s probably true that the relationship between Swift and Kelce has been a hot topic in the sports betting world, especially for Super Bowl LVIII. This incident, though novel, proves without a doubt that there is a growing link between pop culture and sports.

People who subscribe to the “celebrity influence” theory say that seeing beloved stars openly support a particular team could sway viewers towards placing a biased bet. While regular bettors are hopefully smarter than this, casual sports fans who might not have in-depth knowledge about games could be influenced in some way.

Beyond the star power

If one had to look at the numbers, it’s possible that celebrity influence on betting choices isn’t that relevant. For the most part, serious sports bettors will ignore gossip pages and instead rely on extensive data analysis, player statistics, and expert opinions to make good decisions on who is more likely to win. Very few individuals are looking to Taylor Swift’s opinion before choosing to put money on the line.

The impact of tech

As for why sports betting is becoming so big, it probably has everything to do with the fact that betting is sophisticated now. Technology isn’t simply changing the game for sports betting fans; it’s rewriting the entire playbook. Modern betting apps look sharp and are easy to use. This means that it has never been easier to get involved.

Betting today is an absolute breeze. Plus, modern bettors can look at odds and place strategic bets from anywhere, using their smartphones. Once, knowing how and where to place bets used to be confusing. Now, bettors take easily digestible information on odds and intuitive websites for granted.


The verdict

So, did the star-studded attendance of Super Bowl LVIII shake up the betting scene? The answer, much like this year’s halftime show, is a mixed bag. While celebs dominated the headlines, serious bettors likely stuck to their data-driven strategies. Some causal bettors probably did wager based on celebrity favorites though. As long as they’re having fun, who can judge if they throw a few bucks away for good luck?

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