Superdigital’s Liam Trumble Is Helping Celebrities And Brands Navigate Going Viral

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Headquartered in New York City, Superdigital is an internet driven advertising agency that allows for digital creators to navigate the power of going viral. Senior Vice President Liam Trumble takes a unique approach to the services the agency offers.

With a background in business and a degree in advertising from Columbia College Chicago, Trumble wanted to combine his expertise with his love for internet culture.

“Social has always been a part of my life, and I fell in love with it when I was young. Then I loved making brand work, and that’s where I got into more of the business side,” said Trumble.

He went on to add, “When you start doing big projects and working on big brands, then you start having to do the operational side of stuff and hiring teams, finding talent, and hiring employees. That keeps growing, and then you have to find people to help you bring that vision to life.”

Once Trumble recognized his passion for bridging the gap between advertising and social media, he set about assembling the perfect team for the job. He also learned more about the capabilities of each respective social media platform. Contrary to a traditional hiring model, Trumble seeks potential employees organically.

He later stated, “I find people are doing the actual thing. They’re not always looking for a job necessarily as much as they realize, ‘Oh, sure, I guess I could do that.’ Then we work with them within the system of advertising at large.  I’ve been finding them through TikTok, or mutual friends.”

Trumble’s content has seen massive growth through TikTok recently. Superdigital currently boasts an impressive roster of clients, ranging from Guy Fieri to former New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman.


“We do a lot of TikTok content, that’s our bread and butter. I’m going out in the world and finding creators and hiring them to do work for our big clients like Microsoft. So, we’re putting out 15 videos per brand per month. That’s hundreds and hundreds of videos.”

Trumble further clarified that Superdigital works to create original content that fits a digital niche and does not serve as a glaring advertisement.

“It’s all about finding the right people who understand the brand, but then also know how to create for the platform. That way it’s not just corny ads, it’s actual content that people care about, or it’s a meme, or something goofy and funny.”

Superdigital aims to craft content that viewers enjoy seeing on their FYP. “We aim to be clever creative, ironic, and meta,” said Trumble.

When it comes to what Guy Fieri has in the works, Trumble is not telling any secrets just yet. “I’m not sure what’s next for him, but I know he’s always cooking up something special, so I’m sure they can expect something soon.”

Superdigital’s services can be found here.


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