Sustainability on TikTok: How the App’s Creators are Discussing How To Be Environmentally Friendly

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Climate change is an incredibly big deal and worries many online, so it is no surprise that the hashtag sustainability has over one billion views on TikTok. Sustainability is defined as how something can maintain over a period of time, meaning that it does not have to be replaced repeatedly, which can help eliminate the growing issue of waste our planet faces. On TikTok, many creators are showing what it means to be sustainable, how they try to include sustainability into their life, and how it does not have to be so overwhelming.

Sustainability on TikTok

On the app, many are showing users who might be new to sustainability how easy it can be to include things in their lifestyle to help eliminate extra waste, and how it can even be beneficial to your wallet as well. For example, creator @Emmajdimarco shows how she has designed her house using thrifted items, not only helping the environment by reusing items that might otherwise be thrown away but showing how cheap the items were, showing that you do not have to spend a lot of money to decorate your new living situation.

This is common on TikTok, as thrifting has gained popularity over the years for the unique finds you can score for wonderful prices. Thrifting is one of the main things people say you can do to save the environment, especially when it comes to fashion. Right now, the term “fast fashion” refers to the fashion industry’s habit of going through trends fast, creating a lot of waste as they throw away things that are no longer “trendy.” The fashion industry as a whole concerns many when it comes to sustainability, but thrifting is an easy way to combat this.


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Not only do TikToker highlight how to save money, they also show viewers how living sustainably can often be more convenient for them as well. @Mostlyecomorgan has a series highlighting just this, as she shows what she used to do before and what she does now to help the environment, and how she feels it is actually more convenient. For example, she says that she cuts up an old t-shirt for cotton balls and throws them in her laundry when they’re dirty, which saves the cost and hassle of having to remember to buy them.


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For plant lovers, there are plenty of TikToks showing how you can make your plants healthier while also living more sustainably. For example, one user shows how she lets her banana peels soak in water for 24 hours and then uses the water to help her plants who are dying, which many had no idea was a thing that works. If you’re looking to live more sustainably, but you’re overwhelmed, many TikTokers have you covered with a lot of easy and step-by-step content on the app.

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