T-Pain Makes VR Concert Debut and Releases New Single with AmazeVR

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T-Pain pictured with Amaze VR for their partnership for his new single.

AmazeVR, the global leader in virtual reality (VR) concerts, has collaborated T-Pain, to officially release his debut VR concert and single “She’s A Vibe”.

Available today, the VR performance takes fans on an extraterrestrial journey out of this world, experiencing live versions of widely popular songs, including “Buy U a Drank,” “Bartender,” and “That’s Just Tips,” and the official release of “She’s A Vibe.”

Trailblazing the next stage for music, AmazeVR is revolutionizing the concert experience by combining virtual and mixed reality technologies to create surreal and immersive environments for artists and fans to connect. Featuring two otherworldly stages, the T-Pain VR Concert blends sci-fi and fantasy, leaving fans transfixed as he delivers an intimate one-to-one live performance just for them.

“Today marks a major milestone for us,” said Steve Lee, AmazeVR CEO and Co-Founder. “T-Pain is a visionary and pioneer in setting new standards of music and entertainment. There is an uncanny symbolism in T-Pain’s VR Concert, one that taps into the nostalgia of his most-loved hits meeting with his latest single, She’s A Vibe, as it’s synonymous with what’s happening in the future of entertainment today. We’re thrilled to have T-Pain perform on our new stage in a new type of way to entertain his fans – old and new.”

The 15-minute experience places AmazeVR concert-goers in an ethereal and mind-bending post-apocalyptic wasteland where T-Pain performs hit songs “Buy U a Drank” and “That’s Just Tips.” Then, following a quick interlude between stages, T-Pain transports his guests to the mainstay showcase of the VR concert, an out-of-this-world encounter and the first time ever, a performance of his unreleased single, “She’s A Vibe,” before closing out the concert with a fan-favorite song, “Bartender.”

“As artists, we’re always thinking of ways to challenge the norm, think outside the box and be creative, and sometimes, the stage can limit those possibilities,” said T-Pain. “AmazeVR is creating a different kind of performance, one without restrictions, and I can’t wait for my fans to experience it from wherever they choose.”

Filmed and produced in 8K, the T-Pain VR Concert is available to download through the AmazeVR Concerts App on Meta App Lab and on PICO today. The release of T-Pain’s VR concert also marks the first time AmazeVR incorporates MR (Mixed Reality) into its VR concerts and application, which is exclusively available to Meta Quest Pro and Quest 3. App users can now view the real physical world with an overlay of the digital concert, allowing the physical and digital elements to interact.


By leveraging VR technology, AmazeVR is democratizing intimate concert experiences that were previously not accessible to all. Now, fans worldwide can secure front-row seats to performances by their favorite artists.

T-Pain adds to the AmazeVR Concerts app calendar of artists, including Megan Thee Stallion, Zara Larsson and UPSAHL. With the AmazeVR Concerts App, users can access one free song per artist and purchase the entire concert for one year with the exclusive launch price of $6.99. To find out more about AmazeVR, along with upcoming concerts, visit amazevr.com.

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