Taylor Lautner Tells John Mayer To Beware “Speak Now” Taylor’s Version

By Madison E. Goldberg
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(Photo by Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images for CMT)
Taylor Lautner is ready to go back to December.

Actor Taylor Lautner is warning another of Taylor Swift’s “Speak Now” era exes to beware the album’s re-record. Lautner originally dated singer-songwriter Taylor Swift in 2009. Their brief relationship is back in the spotlight now that Swift has announced the re-recorded version of her third studio album, “Speak Now.” The former couple allegedly met on the set of the film “Valentine’s Day.” Lautner notably starred as Jacob Black in the “Twilight” film franchise.

The album famously features a track titled “Back To December”, which Swift and Lautner have confirmed is about their relationship. In the over a decade since the song was released, Lautner has since married nurse turned mental health and wellness influencer Taylor Dome-Lautner. The Taylor Lautners now have a podcast titled “The Squeeze.”

Dome-Lautner said that the podcast offers a unique look at mental health given “her as a nurse and him growing up in fame since childhood.” The podcast has seen several recent viral moments, given that Dome-Lautner is a fan of Swift’s music. Lautner spoke about the infamous night at the MTV VMAs in which Kanye West stormed the stage during Taylor Swift’s win, during which Lautner was backstage as a presenter.


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The clip received widespread praise, both for Dome-Lautner’s mature perspective on her husband’s previous relationship and Lautner’s kind words about Swift so many years later. Swift fans often dub him her “best ex” given that he is the only one to have received an apology song.

Why The Comparison?

Contrary to “Back To December”, Swift has penned two tracks about John Mayer. “Dear John” appears on “Speak Now” and “Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve” appears on “Midnights.” Both tracks are linked to Mayer due to several key details mentioned within their lyrics, notably the references to Swift’s age. The singer was 19 when she dated a then 32 year old Mayer after the pair collaborated on Mayer’s “Half Of My Heart.”

Lautner was recently asked about “Speak Now” (Taylor’s Version) in a press appearance on “The Today Show” alongside his wife. The actor never skirts questions about Swift and continues to speak highly of the singer. Given the positive nature of “Back to December”, Lautner said that he “feels safe” for the re-records upcoming July release. He jokingly said he was “praying for John” amid the news of the re-records.

Fan Reactions to Lautner’s Comments

Given Lautner’s unwavering support for Swift’s creative endeavors and criticism of John Mayer’s allegedly toxic behavior, fans are loving his recent comments.

Fans continue to refer to the actor as Swift’s “best ex”, with many additionally taking an interest in the Lautners’ new podcast.

Lautner’s wife agreed with her husband, and even went as far as calling “Speak Now” “one of the best albums of all time.”

Others compared the couple’s dynamic to that of musician Joe Jonas and actress Sophie Turner. Swift dated Jonas when the pair were teenagers, and Jonas later married Turner, who turns out to be a massive Swiftie as well.

“Speak Now” (Taylor’s Version) drops on July 7.