Team Wheels or Team Doors? TikTok Debates if More Wheels or Doors Exist in the World

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In case you saw TikToks counting doors and wheels, or hashtag #teamwheels or #teamdoors, and have no idea what this trend means, no worries at all, we have you covered. Posted to Twitter at the beginning of this month, the Twitter account @newyorknixon, who goes by Ryan, presented the debate to the world, probably not knowing what a storm it would cause on the internet. He presents the question to Twitter, asking if there are more wheels or doors in the world, with a poll so that people could put in their votes. He writes that his friends were having a debate, but he was “here for it.”

Not only did it become viral on Twitter, the debate soon traveled to TikTok as well. And though it was posted a few weeks ago, the trend remains strong as people are divided between team wheels or team doors. In the final result, it is a very close call, showing how divided people were, but wheels still took the win. On TikTok, people bring up ideas you might not think about when first wondering the question, like the wheels that accompany drawers, or the doors to cabinets or birdhouses. Many people were dedicated to proving their point, taking the time to count all of the wheels or doors in their own house.


it’s definitely doors i don’t care what you say #doors #wheel #LinkBudsNeverOff #OREOBdayStack #viral #doorsvswheels #wheelsvsdoors #imright #funny

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There are so many videos of these, with many of them accumulating thousands of likes and views. What started out as a simple question from Twitter ended up across the internet, involving people who might not participate in usual TikTok trends to wonder themself: doors versus wheels? Many people seem to be team wheels, but some are still saying that no matter what, they are team doors. The debate seems to have no simple solution, as there is no definitive way to count all wheels and doors. When one person pulls out a photo of a skyscraper, with buildings with thousands of doors in it, many point out that those buildings are also full of office chairs, which often have at least four wheels per chair. Others also say that wheels are needed for doors to work, although they might not be something we can see.


#LateLateShow argues if there are more doors or wheels in the world & it gets HEATED ???? #doorsvswheels #wheelsvsdoors

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Even The Late Late Show became involved, as James Corden and others debated it on the show, with even audience members voting if they believe there are more doors or wheels existing in the world. Overall, the debate seems to be holding strong, even weeks after, as people try to prove their ideas on wheels vs doors.


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