Ted Cruz Quits Interview and Trends Online After Calling Journalist a “Propagandist”

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After senator Ted Cruz attended a vigil for victims of the mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas where he was interviewed by a British journalist. In the interview, captured on video, the journalist inquires why these mass shootings only happen in America, angering Cruz who stormed off and called the journalist a “propagandist.” On Tuesday, 19 children were shot and killed by an 18 teen year who was able to acquire an AR-15. Now, the conversation surrounding gun safety and violence reopens once again.

Cruz is one of the many members of politics in Texas who disagrees with tightening gun restrictions. The interview took place with British Sky News reporter Mark Stone, who asks why Cruz does not believe that guns have anything to do with the mass shootings occurring in America and asks if this means it is time to reform gun laws. Cruz maintains the position that this does not represent a political issue, saying “The proposals from the Democrats and the media inevitably when some violent psychopath murders people.” But, after Stone continues, asking why this represents an issue existing only in the U.S., Cruz says “You know, I’m sorry you think American exceptionalism is awful. You’ve got your political agenda. God love you.” As he walks off, he calls for the journalist to “stop being a propagandist.”


This video trends along with a video of Cruz saying “what we need to do to harden schools, including not having unlocked back doors, including not having unlocked doors to classrooms.” But, many pointed out that would be a fire hazard and unlikely to ensure in all schools, along with ignoring the issue at hand.

On Twitter, Cruz supported this despite the backlash he received online, writing “We can and MUST do more to protect our kids. To increase security at our schools. And I’ve REPEATEDLY introduced legislation to do just that.” Still, most people remained unconvinced: “Thank you Ted Cruz for bravely coming out against doors. With your unwavering leadership, we will undoubtedly put an end to these mass shootings.”


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