Television Director Craig Duncan Alleges Toxic On-Set Behavior From James Corden

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In a new video for Fludded’s YouTube channel, television director Craig Duncan referred to James Corden as “the most difficult and obnoxious presenter I have ever worked with.” The host and actor has hosted “The Late Late Show With James Corden” since 2015 on ABC, and will soon wrap up his tenure as host. He initially took over the show following Craig Ferguson’s departure. Corden’s comedy and famous “Carpool Karaoke” segment turned him into a household name, eventually resulting in film and Broadway roles.

Duncan went into detail about his personal experience working with Corden back in 2013, for a cooking episode of Australian competition show “A League of Their Own.” He recounted Corden insulting the script, speaking down to the crew, and showing up 45 minutes late. He concluded the video by saying “I hope I never ever work for you again.”

The video is reigniting the already growing negative commentary surrounding Corden. In 2022, Balthazar’s in New York City banned Corden after fighting with the staff. Keith McNally, the owner of the restaurant, publicly announced Corden’s ban from the premises on his Instagram, due to what he alleged was “abusive behavior.” Corden claimed he said that he could “cook the omelette himself” for his wife after it was served containing an allergen. The incident was addressed on “The Late Late Show.”

Before the Balthazar commotion came out to the public, musician Mel B., formerly of the Spice Girls, also had some choice words to describe her experience working with Corden. She called him “The biggest head in Hollywood,” and went into detail about his alleged poor treatment of television crews.


Given everything that has come out over the course of the last year, Twitter users are responding to the controversy by expressing that they are not shocked by the latest allegations.

Corden’s final “Carpool Karaoke” guest will be Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Adele. It is still unclear who will replace him as host in his late night television slot, but the internet is already dropping predictions.

Ziwe Fumudoh’s late night talk show “Ziwe” was cancelled after two seasons. Ziwe is a comedian known for her satirical takes on current events and pop culture. She produced countless viral moments with her comedically poker-faced interviews with several celebrities during her show’s two season run. Fans of the show are disappointed to see it go, but are wondering if the late night talk show host is simply on her way to fill even bigger shoes on “The Late Late Show.” Ziwe’s original program was owned by the same parent company as Corden’s current show.


James Corden is yet to address Craig Duncan’s comments of his on set behaviors, and further details on his last episode of “The Late Late Show” are to be announced.

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