The $50 Million Dollar Underwater Mansion in California is Swim City!

I can scuba dive in my own back yard for 50 millies?
By Christian McBride
Source: Chris Stacey of The Smith Group

I’ve heard of large indoor pools; I’ve even heard of small sports amenities shoved into someone’s home but this mansion in orange county just might take the cake. There’s a $50 million dollar mansion in California that will let you breathe 10 feet underwater. There is a built-in scuba and snorkeling system that will allow you to breathe under after and that’s it. It has things to keep you busy while your down there too.

Booming underwater speaker and you can even hook up the air hose and use the scuba gear to play chess down in the deep! “The 13,000 square foot home is currently owned by Joni Rogers-Kante, the founder and CEO of cosmetic company SeneGence, best known for the LipSense lipstick line. She and her husband Ben Kante paid just $12.5 million for the home in 2017, but they subsequently spent millions on revamping the place, (per Robb Report).

Joni Rogers-Kante was a single mother born and raised on a farm in Oklahoma, somehow was able to blossom into a multi-billion-dollar business empire. She began her career with Sav-On corporation working as at the high-end corporate stores where she soaked up all the game and eventually started her own business in 1999 launching SeneGence and the booming lip product Lipsense.

Joni sat down with George Satsidis on Hollywood Stories and told them about the bright idea into which it brought her this fortune to afford this beautiful home. “I had my eldest son about 33 years ago, and you know when women hold their babies, and the babies play with their face. Why can’t someone create a product line that when you place on your face it didn’t come off so when wouldn’t have to constantly refresh throughout the day.”

Joni and her husband Ben gave style to the home with a Mediterranean feel. Decorated with ornate murals and custom ceilings imported from Venice. Everything you can imagine in a desired dream home.