The Impact of Streamers on the Online Casino Industry

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Players streaming online casino games to millions of followers worldwide greatly impact the iGaming industry. They attract new players and convey incredible emotions through the screen. You’ll learn why the industry is so keen to embrace this new genre of online gambling. Let’s dive into it.

The Evolution of Online Casino Streaming



Live streaming has been with us since 1995. But it wasn’t until YouTube hosted its first streaming event in 2008 that the platform first grabbed the public’s attention. Then in 2011. launched a video gaming live broadcast service. Within two years, they had over 45 million viewers per month. 

Two of today’s biggest streamers, Roshtein and CasinoDaddy, started streaming casino games in 2016. They did it at CasinoGrounds, a community of video slot players. A couple of years later, Twitch saw the potential and introduced a new category for live-streaming casino games. Fast forward to today, and the platform continues to attract both new online gambling streamers and viewers. All hope for an exciting time at the best online casinos that pay big prizes.

Streamers’ Impact on Online Casino Industry

It’s easy to underestimate streamers’ effect on the online gaming industry if the world of streaming is not on your radar. Thanks to fast internet speeds, watching a stream is a smooth, immersive experience with no data lost. As a result, a real money online casino can stream their games in high-definition to mobile phones around the globe. This opportunity is actively used by real casino brands, other companies, and individuals. Thanks to modern technology, they attract new players, teach beginners, give useful tricks to professionals, and show gambling online real money.

In addition, people play more games on portable devices. Thus, streaming and playing the same game on a gambling website have become interchangeable. This has proved beneficial for a large percentage of live-streaming platforms. The casinos are attracting new players by having more eyeballs on their games.

Increased Player Acquisition Through Streamers

Streamers don’t stream their gambling play over the internet just for fun. They are paid as affiliates by casino brands. One of the biggest slots streamers in 2023 is Roshtein, with over 1,1 million followers. Going to offshore casinos, we have Aiden Ross, with 7.2 million subscribers to his stream. In Australia, the Adelaide streamer, Capatin Devo, posted a video of him winning A$250,000 playing the slots.


These are serious numbers and reflect the commitment of their casino partners toward this method of gaining new paying customers. In many ways, casino streamers can be compared with social media influencers. As such, there are no better means for Aussie casinos to target potential customers than by advertising via their favorite Australian casino streamer.

Increased Player Engagement and Retention Through Streamers

Watching a charismatic young guy or girl enjoy themselves playing real money casino games is a surefire way to engage viewers. Not only is their banter enjoyable. But the ever-possible chance of seeing the highest payouts in real-time creates a tension that onlookers love. Watch a stream on Twitch, and you’ll see a chat box feature allowing viewers to interact with the live streamers.

This is a great tool for creating a community of like-minded players. They can discuss strategies and gameplay, and ask questions. They can share what’s the highest payout casino or other useful tips. Usually, in order to increase viewer engagement, streamers play at the best online casinos that can be found on All because these casinos offer high payouts, which the audience likes. With many online casino real money slots having RTPs over 97%, allowing viewers can enjoy the buzz of a steady flow of wins, which adds to greater engagement. Remember, it’s not just the players who get a dopamine rush from winning or losing, but onlookers will feel the same high from sheer anticipation.

Streamers as Brand Ambassadors

One of the reasons why marketing via social media is so effective comes down to trust. An individual in which the viewer is invested will have a greater influence over their audience than any corporation could ever hope to achieve. Keep in mind the massive following that some casino streamers enjoy. These well-known personalities make the perfect marketing gateway for casino brands to secure new sign-ups.

Streamers’ Influence on Game Development and Design

From a marketing perspective, it makes sense to involve your audience of potential customers within the gaming platform they are watching. Recently Twitch introduced a feature called Twitch Integration. It allows players greater access to real-time gameplay. Popular games like Borderlands 3 and Vermintide 2 allow viewers control over character rewards, upgrades, and adventure modifiers to change the game’s narrative as the gameplay progresses. At least now, many Twitch streamers want to entertain the audience with their reviews and broadcasts. With the right approach to their business, they collect a lot of views and user ratings. Though we haven’t seen examples at live casinos, it’s only a matter of time before such technology leads to even more audience participation.

The Future of the Online Casino Industry with Streamers




Until recently, steamers have been free to stream their casino gameplay with few restrictions. But considering it’s mainly kids watching Twitch and YouTube, players have been unable to maximize their earning potential following the traditional affiliate model due to KYC. As a result, we’ve seen many streamers turning to offshore crypto casinos where requirements are more relaxed or simply don’t exist.

Consider that starting rates for gambling streamers at Stake and Duelbits offshore casinos at around $35,000 per hour. Then morals become very flexible. Adin Ross, the famous 21-year-old Twitch streamer, makes $4 million each month. He promotes unregulated crypto gambling to new online players, including youngsters.

It’s just a matter of time before governments and law enforcement start taking a more serious look into the casino streaming industry. With attitudes towards gambling hardening, changes to strengthen responsible gambling rules are inevitable.

Twitch has tried to avoid this by recently banning gambling on their platform. But such is the money flowing into its coffers, the ban was only a partial one. It only covers slots, roulette, and dice game sites. Poker, sports betting, and fantasy sports can continue. Also, this ban is half-hearted, as Twitch has yet to update its terms of service to reflect this new policy.

To Sum Up

In the same way poker has produced famous personalities, online casino hosting live streams have created their own gambling industry rock stars. Just like watching sports, following a casino stream of your favorite game, be it roulette, slots, or blackjack, offers great entertainment.

There’s also the social aspect to consider. With many viewers sitting at home, these streams are a way of connecting with others who share the same interest. Not only do they enjoy the thrill of watching someone win. There’s always the dream that they could become an online casino streamer too, playing the same games with an enthusiastic following cheering their every move.

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