The Internet Drags New Balenciaga Campaign

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Balenciaga is trending and no, it’s not because of Lizzo’s new song, unfortunately. In case you’ve seen Balenciaga trending on your timeline that would be because the designer brand recently released their campaign for their Paris sneakers. 


The internet is freaking out over the new Balenciaga shoes but we have the tea (????: @iammaddisonhill) (????: @Balenciaga, @lizzo) (????: Balenciaga) #debate #parissneakers #balenciaga #designerfashion

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In the campaign you can see the shoes are extremely distressed, which of course caused the internet to go off and drag Balenciaga for charging $1,850 for a shoe that’s seemingly falling apart.

However, the point of the campaign was to show people that these sneakers last a lifetime and that’s what they can end up looking like. Balenciaga is not actually selling worn out shoes.

In reality, the shoe Balenciga is selling is a lot less distressed so everyone online take a deep  breath.

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