The Internet Is Noticing The Differences Between Jonathan Majors and Ezra Miller’s Career Consequences

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Actor Jonathan Majors was recently charged with strangulation and aggravated assault in Manhattan, New York. The charges came from an alleged altercation between Majors and his girlfriend. Majors’ attorney Priya Chaudhry provided text messages between Majors and his girlfriend that she asserts prove his innocence. Majors charges were not dropped when the messages were released.

Deadline reported today that Majors and his manager at Entertainment 360 have parted ways amid the charges. Given his split from his longtime manager, some suspect that Marvel may be next to drop him. The actor was initially immediately dropped from a U.S. Army advertising campaign following the charges.

The domino effect of career-altering consequences in wake of the charges has led many to draw comparisons to another actor facing similar allegations. Ezra Miller will continue to appear in their role in the upcoming “The Flash” film alongside Michael Keaton. Miller was arrested on felony burglary charges in the summer of 2022. The arrest also came after several allegations of kidnapping, grooming, and strangulation.

Ezra Miller Allegations

Miller maintains his management and is yet to be charged for any of his other allegations. Twitter users are noticing that Majors’ lone allegation is costing him a lot of career security, while Miller’s countless allegations have not cost them much.

Others assert that that Miller’s role in “The Flash” was already filmed before the allegations came out against them, and that their career will likely take a back seat following its release. Knowing what the public knows now, some are calling viewers to boycott the film upon its upcoming release.


Some Twitter users are doubling down on what they feel is a double standard in ethics for white actors and actors of color in Hollywood.

While Miller has faced less legal trouble than Majors, some suspect that it will come soon. Miller is not currently involved in any projects outside of “The Flash.”


Majors’ projects are still in progress, which could result in him being dropped. Despite the initial anger at the disparity in how the legal system treats the two cases, some of the situation boils down to the creative process.

Majors’ attorney is yet to issue further comment since her initial March 27 statement, and neither Entertainment 360. As of now, Majors is still represented by WME, who are yet to drop the actor either. Marvel has not issued comment on the charges, and it remains unclear whether the will drop Majors from their projects like some fans suspect.

Majors will appear before a judge in New York City on May 8, where further action will be determined.


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