The Internet Reacts to Disney’s Newest Film “Encanto”

The songs are TOO catchy.
By Savannah Moss
@Encantomovie | Twitter

Though Disney’s newest movie Encanto has been available to purchase and stream on the Disney+ app for some time, the film was recently released to stream for free, making it even more popular than it was already. The film highlights the Madrigal family, who live in the mountains of Colombia, charmed by the magic of Encanto. This magic has given powers to every child in the family except for one, the protagonist Mirabel. When the magic of Encanto is threatened, however, she is seen as the last hope. Both creators on TikTok and Twitter enjoyed the film, exploring the art, story, and music from the film.

Twitter’s Reaction

On Twitter, #Encanto trends as fans discuss the film and even create fan art surrounding the characters. In one article posted to Twitter, writes that the film is not only an excellent example of representation but tells a story of defiance. He writes that “But this is about a lot more than just representation. The happiness portrayed in Encanto isn’t just escapism, it’s defiance. It’s about challenging that notion that we Colombians have to be miserable forever.”

Many also celebrated their love of the movie by drawing some of the characters.

TikTok’s reaction

On TikTok, many focused on the soundtrack and some of the larger themes of the film. The film focused on parental expectations or expectations in general, highlighted in the song “Surface Pressure” in which the character details her struggles as being the strongest in the family and having to carry that weight, both physical and emotional.


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♬ just eldest daughter and family therapist things – persephone ⚢

Many on TikTok, especially the older siblings who often act as second parents to younger siblings, could relate to this pressure of having to carry the world on their shoulders, which the song sings of in both a literal and metaphorical way.



♬ just eldest daughter and family therapist things – persephone ⚢

Whether fans celebrated on TikTok or Twitter, many were excited to have the movie free to stream and watch whenever they would like to. And, many who had not yet seen the film were also excited to be able to have the chance now.