The Revolve Festival Is Being Called “Fyre Festival 2.0” After a Disastrous Weekend

Was this a Fyre Festival moment or are influencers being dramatic?
By Savannah Moss
Image: @averiebishop and @taraswrld | TikTok

If you remember Fyre Festival, you probably understand how horrible an event has to be dubbed “Fyre Festival 2.0.” The 2017 festival was supposed to be a luxury festival with high prices, but ended up being a scam and cost a lot of people money, even stranding some from returning home. Now, the highly anticipated Revolve Festival is being compared to the fraudulent Fyre Festival after influencers were invited and promised free clothes and parties, but it ended up being anything less than luxurious.


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What happened?

This weekend Coachella returned, exciting many with a setlist including Harry Styles, Doja Cat, and The Weeknd. Some influencers were invited to the Revolve Festival, and as big as Coachella is, being invited to this event somehow seemed even bigger. Many TikTokers are saying that the event was “absolute chaos” beginning at the arrival at the event. Lifestyle vlogger on the app @Averiebishop, or Aves, showed her experience, highlighting people fighting to get on a bus, which was the only way to get to the festival as it was by invitation only. In her video, you can see the chaos unfold as people try to fight to get onto a bus and be taken to their destination, which is an obvious safety issue. She says that there was “pushing, shoving, yelling.”


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One TikToker, Kristi Howard, showed her experience where she waited for two hours to get to Revolve Festival but ended up not being able to get in, which some found ironic since the event was aware of who would be attending based on invitations. In a follow-up, she explains that she paid for her own transportation, but overall thought the event would be fun, exciting, and help propel her career as an influencer. On Twitter, a reporter for LA Magazine said that many were “stranded in the dirt with no water, under the hot sun for HOURS.”


Reply to @dopeyh I know the @revolve staff worked so hard to pull this off! It looked so cute. However I’m just being honest & sharing my experience & frustration #revolvefestival

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Not everyone, however, is openly discussing what happened at the Revolve Festival, as they are scared of not getting free PR or no longer being invited.  In Howard’s comments, she alleged that the same creators claiming to have a good time were complaining about the same thing to her in private. Some creators, though, decided enough was enough and used their platform to discuss what actually happened. Some, however, really did have a good time at the festival, which is why some people are the Fyre Festival comparison is dramatic or exaggerated, as nobody had fun at that festival.



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Although it could have been for content, as social media is an unrealistic depiction of real life and is very easy to present bad situations in a better light, many content creators showed off their outfits and the drinks and food that were offered to them, and overall looked like they were having a fun time.