This Chef is Going Viral for Using so Much SunnyD on His Seafood Boil

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Right now, a chef on TikTok is going viral and spreading online to Twitter due to his unconventional recipe for a seafood boil. Seafood boil, which is traditionally boiled using water and seafood like shrimp, crab, or lobster, with other ingredients like potatoes, corn, and sausage. Jarvis, the chef behind the @chefjayvoo, claims to be the “boil master” online and has over 3 million followers on TikTok, but his recipe is now circulating on Twitter for using the orange juice SunnyD to boil his ingredients instead of water.

Jarvis garners a lot of attention with his videos, attracting viewers who love to watch him make massive batches of seafood boil and his hilarious voiceovers in the videos. He has over 45 million likes on TikTok, but this video did not sit well with some for using SunnyD instead of water. He says that orange juice helps the flavor, and emphasizes that SunnyD was the best orange juice to use. Many, however, were adamant that this recipe is not it. In fact, people on Twitter felt so strongly about it that SunnyD began to trend on Twitter.

Although some argued that using orange juice was a good idea to neutralize the spiciness, many pointed out that SunnyD is not orange juice. Some pointed out the label, noting that it is mostly corn syrup and water. Others noted that though this was not a meal they’d try, his other videos showed that his other seafood broil looked delicious, and maybe the SunnyD was a fluke he wanted to try. One person on Twitter sympathized with the shrimp, saying that “Those shrimp were born, grew up, and died just to be boiled in sunny D.” There were tons of jokes on Twitter as people continued to react to the video.


Overall, this recipe was definitely not for many on Twitter, especially for those who couldn’t believe that SunnyD still existed within the 2020’s, and definitely not for those who have a weak stomach.

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