This Tattoo Artist Sparked a Debate on TikTok After Saying He Uses Lotion When Clients Ask for Numbing Cream

"It’s a trust thing"
By Savannah Moss
Image: @mmf_tattoos | TikTok

In a viral TikTok posted by creator @mmf_tattoos, a tattoo artist claims that after his patient asked for numbing cream, he gave her lotion instead and says she will not notice the difference. Now, with over 430 thousand views, many in the comments were not approving of this. Numbing cream is something people can ask for when receiving tattoos to lessen the pain, as some people are not as tolerant of the pain as others. But, there seems to be a stigma around asking for this, as people fear it makes them look “weak” when asking for it. Many in the comments pointed this out to the creator, who responded that the client was in on the video and it was just a joke.


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Joke or not, the video did not sit right with many viewers, who thought that the joke was tasteless or just not funny. “I didn’t even know numbing cream exists but dudes telling women their pain isn’t real isn’t anything new or special,” wrote one TikToker. ” Others seemed to agree with the stigma, as they said that the numbing cream was a “placebo” effect or that the spot the artist was tattooing was a “painless” spot anyway. One person wrote “This is too funny!! Never once have I asked or used numbing cream lol. Can’t take a little pain you probably shouldn’t bother getting tatted.” But, many found this to be an odd take, as not everyone who gets a tattoo wants to feel the needle, but they want the art on their skin.

Image: @mmf_tattoos | TikTok


Many also did not like the video promoting lying to customers, as you would not want someone tattooing you to lie to you beforehand. “It’s not even about what you did. Lying to a customer means you’re not a trustworthy artist.”


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Overall, many were hopeful that the artist was just kidding and does not actually hold resentment for those who wish to use numbing cream before they get a tattoo. But, it did open a conversation on why someone would be against using it and why some opt for it.