This TikToker Captured Her Young Niece Standing Up For Her Against a Karen

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@Marrrr_al | TikTok

In a viral TikTok making rounds on the app, user @Marrr_al captured the moments where her 3-year-old niece stands up against her grandmother’s neighbor, nicknamed A Karen. In the video, the older lady, deemed a Karen, is arguing with the little girl’s aunt and tells her that she cannot park there. The little girl then stepped in, saying “Let me talk to her” and explained to Karen that the lady she was angry with was her aunt. The Karen argues back with the young girl, sparking surprise throughout the comments.



♬ original sound – Marrrr_al

To make matters even worse, the aunt from the video clarifies that she was not parked anywhere near the lady’s apartment, but instead, she was in a fire lane as her grandma had just fainted. In the video, which now has close to 2.5 million likes and over 20,000 comments, many were supportive of the niece and the poster of the video. In an update, she notes that her grandmother is still not doing any better, but the cranky neighbor had nowhere to be found and had not bothered them since.


Thank you to everyone who shared a nice comment! I didn’t think the video would blow up as much as it did! Last update ❤️ #fyp #fypシ #karensoftiktok

♬ original sound – Marrrr_al

Many in the comments were surprised to see that the lady did not soften when the little girl talked back to her, especially since the little girl made a sweet comment by granting her aunt to park wherever she wants because “she is my auntie.” The lady, however, did not budge, saying that it was “too bad.” Many found it odd that she would take the time to argue with a three-year-old, given the circumstances and as people normally act differently when children are involved.



Overall, the family seems to be coping well with the worry of their grandmother and the added stress from the neighbor and even took the time to joke around in another update video. Commenters also noted that the little girl was being raised well and would not let anyone walk over her, which many were happy and grateful to see.

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